What Is The Ten Day Home Inspection

Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez
Published on August 2, 2017


I was with a client yesterday and we had just got done filling out the offer sheet for a home she wants to purchase, she then asks Joe whats the next step now.

I told well we have to get the home inspection done she asks what is that so I told her. The home inspection is where we have a certified home inspector who all they do for their job is home inspections, come in and look the whole house over. To make sure there is nothing crazy going on inside of the house. Like broken water pipes, holes in the roof, the hot water heater not installed correctly, A/C not working and anything else that may be out of the ordinary for the home.

She said Oh I see so it’s pretty important, I said yes ma’am it is :). She then asks me about how long does the home inspection take I told her depends on the size of the home and how through the inspector is but roughly 2-3 hours.  



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