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Vail, Arizona

Beautiful place to live

Vail is where memories are made, careers come to life and nature takes center stage.

The catalyst for people to move to Vail is the environment surrounding our town. As the gateway city to the  Arizona Trail and home to Colossal Cave Mountain Park, the natural beauty of Vail attracts people from all over the world. The desert is a part of Vail’s culture.

Still, as much as Vail embraces and respects the rural lifestyle, Vail is primed for growth.

Vail, Arizona is filled with promise and adventure.

Today, we are excited about the direction of this Vail, Arizona. People continue to move to Vail with the promise of protecting the surrounding natural beauty and supporting the inevitable growth of the region. Explore the greater Vail, Arizona area and you’ll soon see why.

Things To Do In Vail, Arizona

Vail, Arizona is the gateway community to the Arizona Trail

Originally a Southern Pacific railroad town, Vail, Arizona is a growing community east of Tucson in the shadow of the Rincon Mountains.  Vail, Arizona is now a Gateway Community to the Arizona Trail and is the steward of segment 8B of the trail that starts at Pistol Hill Rd and runs 6 miles north to Hope Camp where it enters Saguaro National Park. This popular segment is easily accessible from Pistol Hill Road and is a relatively easy hike, horseback or bike ride; however, there is no water on this segment.  Just a short distance from the trail you can find delicious Mexican food and basic necessities for your trail adventures.  This “town between the tracks” is also home to Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Trailhead.

The Arizona Trail goes through Colossal Cave Mountain Park, but to see the cave itself requires a two mile detour.  The cave and surrounding areas have been in use since around 900 A.D. when the Hohokam formed a thriving community, farming in the valley and using the cave for shelter, storage and as a shrine.  Today it features public tours, a gift shop, camping and nearby La Posta Quemada Ranch.

You can access Cienega Creek, to the South from the Gabe Zimmerman Memorial Trailhead.  Gabe Zimmerman, a 30 year old aide to U. S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, was killed along with five others in the January 8, 2011 shootings in Tucson that injured Giffords and a dozen others.  This trailhead and interpretive trail celebrates his life and love of the outdoors and the Arizona Trail.

Visit the trail year around for an enjoyable hike, bike ride or horseback ride through the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

Colossal Cave

Living in Vail means you are close to Colossal Cave

This desert refuge has sheltered people for over a thousand years. It has been home, shrine, hideout, inspiring workplace, exciting playground, tranquil retreat. On the National Historic Register, the 2,400-acre Park showcases crystal-filled Colossal Cave and historic La Posta Quemada Ranch. Cave tours, Western trail rides, camping, picnicking.

Living in Vail means anytime you are up for an adventure strap on your tennis shoes and hit the road. You will not regret spending the day exploring the cave and all its amazing sights.

The temperature in the Cave is always a cool 70°F so it is perfect for a hot summer Vail day 🙂

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