I was in line at the car wash the today and a lady (she was very sweet by the way) came up to me and ask if my name was Joe and if I was a Realtor and of course I said yes ๐Ÿ™‚ she told me how she always see’s my Facebook ads. I told that is awesome and I try really hard on those :). She then asks me what’s the best thing she can do to raise her home value and that she was on a fixed income but that she had $3000 in savings she could use to fix up her home to sell it.  I said well ma’am let me think hmmmmm. Ok here are two things I would recommend

1. Paint your home outside and inside

2. Landscape your home and make it look immaculate

Do these two things and you will be able to one sell your home and two raise the value of your home. 

I then told her good luck and if she needed anything to give me a call.