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South Tucson

South Tucson The Real Old Pueblo

The City of South Tucson covers an area of about 1.2 square miles and is completely surrounded by the City of Tucson, Arizona.  It is located at the junction of Interstate 19 and Interstate 10 about 1 mile south of downtown Tucson.

It is bounded on three sides by two freeways and the Union Pacific railroad tracks. Incorporated in 1940 and known as the ‘Pueblo Within a City’, the City of South Tucson has maintained a strong and unique character and cultural heritage.  South Tucson’s ethnic character is evident in its widely known Mexican restaurants and its architectural styles, including colorful outdoor tile murals. According to 2010 Census Bureau data, The City of South Tucson has a population of 5,652.

The City of South Tucson is located within a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-designated Empowerment Zone and Tucson Pima Enterprise Zone, both of which are dedicated to revitalizing dilapidated areas in the greater Tucson metropolitan area. The City of South Tucson has also been designated a rural ‘Colonia’ by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The City of South Tucson is governed by a Mayor, Six Council Members, and a City Manager. The local police and fire departments have both full-time and volunteer personnel. More than 300 businesses call South Tucson home.

Things To Do In South Tucson

Dinning out, Hiking, Shopping, Biking, Gardening,

There are plenty of things to do in South Tucson. Between all of the amazing restaurants and the variety of biking paths this little city has you will be more than happy with living in South Tucson. The culture and architecture you will see in South Tucson beautiful and you can really tell the heritage of this community is in grained in the roots.

Top Three Resturants in South Tucson

Mi Nidito

If you go I would highly encourage you to order the shredded beef tacos the are absolutely amazing  🙂 This restaurant is one of the land marks of the Tucson food scene and is a must visit for any coming to Tucson.

Taqueria Pico de Gallo

Swing by Taqueria Pico de Gallo for mouthwatering tacos, complete with handmade corn tortillas. The fish taco served with pickled carrots, onions and jalapenos is a standout. Pair it with a refreshing side of fresh mango, jicama, coconut and pineapple doused with lime juice, salt, and chili powder. This little Taqueria has the best and I do me the Fish TACOS IN TUCSON. This is a must try for anyone visiting or looking for a great food adventure.



Crossroads Restaurant is a “Must See” in Tucson, Arizona.  They serve up traditional Mexican food and offer a family friendly atmosphere. Family owned and operated for over 75 years, They REALLY DO guarantee a delicious dining experience the (staff is fast and friendly even when your kids are running wild lol). This is another great restaurant and their enchiladas are out of this world!! This is a must visit restaurant in South Tucson

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