Johnny Depp’s Gorgeous Kentucky Home That’s Going To Auction

Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez
Published on September 7, 2017


Johnny Depp was born just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, which is where a property he bought for his late mother now sits.

The home is reportedly going to auction after failing to find a buyer on the market. The photos of this southern estate will have you wanting to grab your auction sign and put in an offer, because this place is truly gorgeous.

The home is currently listed for $2.9 million, but the minimum price for which the house will be sold at auction has not been listed.

The property contains over 40 acres, a main house, a guest house and two horse barns.

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In the main house, there are six bedrooms, six and a half baths and over 5,900 square feet. So this place offers lots of space to slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

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Johnny Depp listed the home on the market after his mother passed away in 2016. He bought the house for her in 2005, but it actually wasn’t the first time he’d owned the property.

There’s an interesting backstory here. You see, Johnny Depp owned this house in 1995 and originally paid $950,000 for it. Then, in 2001, he sold it for $1 million.

In 2005, he bought it again for $2 million. Guess it was something he just couldn’t let go of, even if it cost him an extra million dollars.

And when you take a look at these photos, you’ll understand why this property had such a hold on him. It is very comfortable and inviting, after all.

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Everything from the grounds to the architecture are captivating.

This property surely knows how to make an entrance Just like Johnny Depp. Check out the brick walkway leading to the house, and the columns surrounding the front porch—fancy!

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That walkway leads to a porch that’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors on summer nights, as you’d expect from a southern escape.

The inside isn’t over-the-top extravagant, but the space is very nice.

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There’s a sunroom and a pool at the back of the home, which is surely where the person who comes to own this property will spend much of their time. Just like Johnny Depp did.

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The house goes to auction on Sept. 15, so if you’re in the market for a million dollar southern estate twice-owned by Johnny Depp—mark the date on your calendar!


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